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What Men Prefer About Womens Lingerie Is Interesting

Did you know that research shows that men like women in lingerie that projects a certain confidence and power?  If you want to impress a certain someone, it matters what lingerie you wear, what colour and how you wear it. Even women who lack confidence are able to present themselves confidently when they choose sexy lingerie that accentuates and enhances their body. Men are visual by nature and are aroused not only by the female body but also by the way it is presented or embellished.

Mayah Corset And Thong in beautiful Spanish black satin by Casmir at Lollipop Lingerie Australia online store

Mayah Corset & Thong – Casmir

So what type of lingerie do men prefer on women and why? Well, it depends what country you are from. Surveys conducted show that today’s British men prefer their women in black lingerie. Black is traditionally a colour that is mysterious and sophisticated. Mystery holds power. Men like black lingerie in sheer fabrics as it is perceived as more romantic and sexy. Red, which was once a favourite and considered sexy, is now the least favourite of British men.

Esathe Bra Gartered Panty in black

Esathe Bra & Gartered Panty – Angels Never Sin

In the United States however, major mainstream lingerie companies such as Victoria’s Secret and La Perla, still display red and pink lingerie as they are still considered favourites. The colour red has long represented passion, sexiness and power and so it is for lingerie in America.

Loyalty Dollars banner

Men generally also like snow white coloured lingerie. Silk lingerie fabrics are preferred over cotton as the colours appear brighter to the eye and more enticing. Popular sexy lingerie styles this year have been sheer demi bras. Bustiers,  waist cinchers and bodysuits in sheer fabrics and tulle with lace details are big favourites.

Charlotte Bra Garter and Thong by  Passion

Charlotte Bra Garter & Thong – Passion

Matching sets are important when buying sexy lingerie as it conveys a certain sophistication and sense of plenty.

Champagne is a classic colour that many men adore perhaps because it is close to skin colour. After all, many men say that while they like lingerie, they are interested in what’s underneath the lingerie in the end.

Model wears an underwire bra set by Baci Lingerie in champagne tones

Underwire Bra and G String – Baci

Statistics show that 90% of men are more excited when their women are wearing lingerie; partially naked than fully naked. First men visually undress the woman, then they physically unveil each lingerie layer as though unwrapping a special gift.

Model wears champagne and black bikini set

Interestingly enough, U.S scientists reported that women who changed their lingerie styles had more faithful husbands. It is thought that this may be because men are by nature polygmous and when their partner changes lingerie sets, men perceive the changes as variety.

In summary, you would expect that when you present yourself to your man, adorned in luxury or fantasy lingerie that you will feel and exude a certain confidence and power that will overflow into your man’s senses resulting in sensual, pleasurable and satisfying sexual and romantic encounters.

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