Virtual Party Dresses

With the lockdown well and truly embedded and the odd bit of boredom creeping in, people have found new ways to cope and make their own fun. Even the big designer and retailer names in the fashion industry have created new approaches to reaching and sharing with their followers

In lieu of the status quo, worldwide events have been postponed and replaced with virtual gatherings. One example was a recent, virtual disco party held by luxury interiors brand, Moooi, called Boogie to The Moon With Moooi. Even the Met gala went virtual with their new shows.

In Australia, virtual-iso parties are taking on, be it birthdays, anniversaries or just because I’m bored party..

People have been getting into the spirit, creating themes, dressing up, decorating and cooking. With the aid of technology, it’s the ideal way to share with family and friends across the ether. while keeping a safe distance. Read more about virtual parties taking place in Aussie. What ideas or themes have you come up with for your virtual party?

Life doesn’t need to stop. So, before you plan your virtual party, and shop online, check out our virtual party dresses collection…

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