Lingerie Size Chart

Check Your Size Before You Order

Lingerie Size Chart updated

The lingerie size chart is an important resource for buyers who visit our Australian Online store. Whenever you purchase sexy lingerie or other items such as costumes online, it’s important to check your measurements and look up the size ranges for the product you wish to order.

Lollipop Lingerie Australia provide size chart guidelines for the wide range of lingerie brands. Each brand has it’s own size chart and ranges. Size and ranges may be organized differently.

Woman Holding Red Tape Measure Checking Her Size For Bra Top

International size charts vary by brand but may include the following countries: Canada, Australia & NZ, Europe, UK, USA

Note the abbreviations and their meanings:

One Size Fits Most (OS)

X-Small (XS) – Small (S)

Small/Medium (S/M) -Medium (M)

Medium/Large (M/L) – Large (L)

Large/Xtra Large (L/XL)

Plus Size (PS) or 2XL – 4XL

Queen Size (QS)

For men who want to learn more about how to buy lingerie for women, read these useful tips.

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