Baci Lingerie Brand – Italian Sexy Lingerie

 baci lingerie brand logo

Baci Lingerie brand has it’s origins in Italy. The word ‘Baci’ is Italian for ‘kisses’ and Baci say that the idea of their lingerie brand is a ‘celebration of women’. Baci launched to the public in 2010 at an International Lingerie Show in the USA.

The Baci brand is known for it’s fine fabrics and designs that enhance women’s figures. Baci is adding new collections and lines continuously e.g. The Diva line which offers women of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to own their sensuality.

The brand is unique and differentiates its brand from others in special ways. For instance, Baci is known for the best photo and video shoots in the sexy lingerie industry, using ‘fairytale castles in Southern Germany, the United Kingdom, and Paris, France provide the backdrop for renowned fashion models dressed in over 500 Baci styles.’

Baci lingerie works with many partners on concepts, design, fashion trends toward the aim of ’empowering women worldwide with a sexy confidence’ from wearing their luxury lingerie and provocative lingerie. Baci sets the lingerie products at varying prices to suit a wide level of budgets. Collections include Plus Size. It has a global presence with showrooms in the US and Monobrand stores in Germany, the UAE and Scandinavia.

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