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Aussie Home Spa is an indulgence we all love and don’t do often enough. It’s important to unwind, relax and chill whenever you can to destress from life’s challenges or daily grind. Women often are guilty of putting themselves last when it comes to special skincare, body care and relaxation time. if booking into a luxe spa is a little out of reach, then why not try it out at home. You’ll love it and so will your budget.

Aussie Home Spa Indulgence With hideAWAY Natural Artisan Products at Lollipop Lingerie AU

Our Natural Aussie Home Spa Indulgence Criteria

We’re always looking for natural products that look and feel amazing. Our criteria includes (where possible) that the products are:

  • Sustainably and locally sourced ingredients
  • Australian Handmade
  • Uses premium natural ingredients such as, natures fragrances, organic oils and butters
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • No harm to natural habitats during production
  • No animal testing

We’ve partnered with hideAWAY because their products fit our criteria, are made with love and are well, simply, yummy! Make no mistake we are very excited to introduce you to the collections.

Creating Your Home Spa With hideAWAY


Whether It’s for your own relaxation or a romantic time with your partner, it’s easy to set the scene. Create an ambient atmosphere with diffuser scents and candles in the bathroom or bedroom. Hand poured Woodwick Candles are a great natural alternative to regular candles. For an even burn, hideAWAY recommends a minimum burn time of 2-4 hours or until the wax reaches the sides. Always take care to make sure candles are positioned safely.

Wax Melt Ceramic Burner Deluxe Bundle by hideAWAY at Lollipop Lingerie AU

Dispensing an beautiful aroma always adds thats something special to aid with relaxation or to recall a special memory. We love the Reed Diffusers Collection at hideAWAY.

Essential Oils For Diffusers

Organic essential oil blends are used in diffusers to create your desired aroma and effect. There are blends that are ideal for Stress Relief, Calming, Clarity and so on. hideAWAY Offer great selection of blends. It’s important never to ingest nor apply essential oils directly onto your skin. Read thee cautions carefully.


Perfect For The Boudoir, Reed Diffuser Duo Pack Floral Fantasy at Lollipop Lingerie Australia

if you want to be a little more high tech, these Mini Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifiers are compact, have a fine mist dispenser, easy to use, deliver a lasting aroma and are great for a small space. There are 3 colours in the collection: white, bamboo and black

Mini Ultrasonic Diffuser Humidifier-White by hideAWAY at Lollipop Lingerie Australia


Now it’s time to relax and enjoy a soothing warm bath or shower. There’s a range of suitable natural products to choose from including body wash, bubble bath, bath bombs, bath salts and soaps.

What better way to really relax back and enjoy than with a luxury bath pillow. The Deluxe Bath Pillow by hideAWAY is superb and gets great reviews. Worth adding to the bathroom essentials.

Deluxe Bath Pillow by hideAWAY. Treat Yourself. Shop Lollipop Lingerie AU

Even better, the full bath time range is the perfect set up for your home spa indulgence. We think that the Bath Accessory Pack is great value and will ensure you have everything you need for bath time. It includes: 1 Bath Caddie, 1 Exfoliating Wash Cloth, 1 Foot Scrubber, ! Body Buff and ! Exfoliating Mitt.

Bath Accessory Pack hideAWAY. Home Spa Essentials at Lollipop Lingerie AU

After Bath Time

After treating yourself complete your home spa with a Collagen & Magnesium Body Custard. These superb products are naturally creamy with a blend of Shea Butter and Sweet Almond oil. They include premium ingredients marine collagen for firming and hydrating the skin as well as magnesium to relax muscles. They will deeply moisturise your body and feel light and silky on your skin.

What better way to indulge yourself at home during these challenging times. Look after yourself. Take time to relax and romance. Look after your body with delicious, natural products.



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