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Anais Lingerie brand is known as Anais Apparel, European luxury lingerie. A Polish intimate apparel manufacturer, it has been tempting the senses with it’s erotic lingerie around the globe since it’s establishment in 2003.  Anais Lingerie prides itself in it’s wealth of experience in production, fashion lingerie trends and a willingness to listen to customer feedback. As a result, Anais received Quality Year 2012, a sort after industry related award.

Anais says it takes inspiration from people, places and events and at the same time, ensures it creates sensual lingerie that is elegant. The final aim being to allow a woman to express their sexuality, femininity and a feeling of freedom in doing so.

Anais Apparel’s sexy lingerie is manufactured from premium European and Polish fabric manufacturers. The creators behind the Anais Lingerie brand appreciate that the women who buy their provocative luxury lingerie have high expectations of quality and design. In order to appeal to their market, Anais lingerie therefore, pays close attention to the details of their beautiful and provocative lingerie products.

The Australian lingerie market is enhanced by the addition of such exotic lingerie brands like Anais Lingerie. Be assured that when you buy Anais Lingerie from our online lingerie store that you are buying quality European lingerie at affordable prices.

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