Fantasy Lingerie Popular Trend For Big Brands

Fantasy Lingerie Popular Trend? Is it ever. Just look at all the big mainstream brands out there that are adding not just lingerie to their repertoire but fantasy lingerie.

So what do we mean by fantasy lingerie? Fantasy lingerie is playful, some call it spicy lingerie, cheeky lingerie or even erotic lingerie. It is fun and provocative lingerie, to say the least. It may be quite classic in colour but edgy or suggestive by design. Some take it to the realms of fantasy depicting characters for role play type situations or simply, themes.

No longer can you afford to be prudish about this provocative lingerie. One US brand has plenty of those sexy little things, that definitely fall within the category of fantasy lingerie. Who’s surprised? Many of the big brands have recognised that customers actually want to get sexy in the boudoir.

Let’s look at a few visual comparisons of big brands’ babydolls and playful fantasy lingerie against our similar products. We’ll call the big brand, Product X because this is a blind comparison. We dod not identify the brand. We show an approximate price comparison based on the prices as these images were created.To make it easy for various readers, we have made the comparison in US dollars. Note: The images labelled Product X are solely for comparison information purposes and in no way intended to represent any specific brand or company.

Fantasy Lingerie Popular Trend - Black Babydolls Comparison

Comparison of Black Babydolls

Just look at the difference in price. Our babydoll is designed and made in Europe from high-quality fabrics. Now that’s value for money. Which would you choose?

Fantasy Lingerie Popular Trend - Purple Babydolls Comparison

Comparison of Purple Babydolls

There’s nothing more feminine and sexy than a strikingly seductive babydoll or chemise set. Quality lace and sheer tulles or mesh make it special. Our pretty lilac shade of purple babydoll is from our Shirley of Hollywood lingerie collection.

Fantasy Lingerie Popular Trend - Maid Lingerie Costumes Comparison

Comparison of Very Sexy Maid Lingerie Costumes

Now there are Maid lingerie sets or costumes and then there are very sexy maid sets. Both of these are super sexy and feature quality laces. View more of our Maid costumes including alluring ones like this delectable French style midi length Maid set.

There are many more styles and brands we could have compared. However, this gives you an idea of fantasy lingerie on offer and our comparable styles, quality and often tempting price point. We have some of the sexiest lingerie online in Australia, so what are you waiting for?  Catch up on what the hottest star trend is too. Shop until you drop.

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